Swedish Election: Left Wins Among Women, Minorities, SD Wins Among Men


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Diversity Macht Frei
September 14, 2018

The recent Swedish elections have revealed major differences between various electoral groups. If only Swedish men would have voted, the right-wing anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party would have become Sweden’s largest party, while the left-wing Social Democrats would have won convincingly if only immigrants’ or women’s votes were counted.

Data reveals that the more right wing parties, such as Swedish Democrats, the Moderates and KD performed relatively well among men, while the Social Democrats, Greens, the Left Party and variuos liberal parties performed well among women.

It should noted that most immigrants in Sweden are men, which caused a gender imbalance in the country, in other words the voting gender gap among native swedes is actually even larger, since the (mostly male) migrants voted for the left.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that the swedish right is not particularly “right wing”, compared to, let’s say, Eastern European standards, and some right wing parties such as the Moderates, have relatively pro-immigration stance.

Still, the most pro-immigration parties are the Social Democrats, the Left party, and the Greens.

While the conservative Moderate Party won the general election among the youngest voters, support for the Sweden Democrats (SD) has grown markedly among elderly voters and blue-collar workers, Swedish national broadcaster SVT revealed.

The SD also became the largest party among Swedish men, winning the support of 24 percent and edging out the Social Democrats (23 percent) and the Moderate Party (19 percent). Among women, though, the Social Democrats retained their leading position with 29 percent; the SD only managed to attract 14 percent of female voters.

The Sweden Democrats, a right-wing party associated with opposition to mass immigration, also made considerable gains among elderly voters (aged 65 and over), winning 19 percent of their votes compared with 12 percent in 2014. On the other side of the scale, the Moderate Party was the most popular among the youngest voters (aged 18-21); 21 percent of them supported the center-right party.

Yet another striking feature of Sunday’s election is that Swedish workers no longer vote left. The majority of blue-collar workers, 55 percent, voted either for the right-wing Sweden Democrats or for the center-right Alliance (comprised of the Moderates, the Centrists, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals), as opposed to the left-wing parties, most notably the Social Democrats.

The Sweden Democrats have more than doubled their support among workers from 11 percent in the 2014 election to 26 percent in 2018. Most of their new supporters used to vote Social Democrat or Green.

“Blue-collar workers are generally more traditional and more conservative than the middle class. They do not feel at home among the Social Democrats anymore, and they are looking to the SD, who stand for more conservative values,” Pontus Strimling, an economics researcher at the Institute for Future Studies, told SVT.

In particular, the Social Democrats’ overwhelming emphasis on multiculturalism was identified as the main reason for workers fleeing the party.

The Social Democrats experienced their worst-ever election, gaining only 28.4 percent of the vote (their previous nadir was 28.5 percent in 1911, more than a century ago). The party dominated Swedish politics for most of the 20th century, often winning single-handedly with over 50 percent of the vote as far back as the 1960s.

However, Sweden’s largest left-wing party managed to win the overwhelming support of immigrant-heavy districts, prompting Svenska Dagbladet‘s columnist Ivar Arpi to sarcastically rename “particularly vulnerable areas” (a politically correct term for blighted areas rife with crime) into “particularly Social Democrat areas.” For instance, the Social Democrats won 76.9 percent in Rinkebysvängen, Stockholm; 61.1 percent in Araby, Växjö; and 79.6 percent in Herrgård, Malmö. An opinion poll in May indicated that the “red-green” coalition would have won convincingly with 53.6 of the vote, if only the votes of foreign-born Swedes were counted.

“Like the US Republicans, the Swedish right-wingers are facing challenge attached to demographics: what to do when a majority of the new voters who have come to the country vote left?” Arpi concluded.


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The only right a woman should have is to give birth to healthy children, and of course to healthy food, life, security, as long as she follows suiit.




80% of Mälmö (population 370,000) voted Social Democrats and the same goes for other brown places. These are places with 6 digit population numbers. Sweden is at the point where brown people are having a huge impact on their elections similar to the US.


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Probably lots of White men didn’t even bother to vote because they’ve been told over and over again that voting doesn’t matter.

Voting is just one of the tools in our toolkit but we have to get good at using it. Practice makes perfect.

I have said it before; not voting is like being in a fight and not punching, like being in a war and not shooting.


Yet further evidence that nationalist parties are wasting their time pandering to women. Far better to have a full-on anti-feminist, pro-men and boys agenda


Voting isn’t anonymous in Sweden, they can leak your name and address and who you voted for, easily.


And this is the problem. We already realized that here in America, Presidential elections don’t mean anything. They’re all stooges. Just look at how Trump betrayed us. I don’t see it as any different in Western Europe. The only option is revolution.


How do the browns have voting rights in Sweden? I had thought citizenship was hard to get there since they don’t have gay retarded birthright like in America.


You need to live here for 3-5 years, that’s all. No language test or civics test or anything like that.


It gets worse:

If young people got to decide the election outcome
Women 18-29 | Men 18-29
Moderates [cuckservatives] 14.6% / 20.5%
Liberals [slightly worse cuckservatives] 4.7% / 5.7%
Center Party [“Sweden can take 30 million immigrants”] 18.3% / 8.4%
Christian Democrats [slightly better cuckservatives] 4.5% / 6.4%
Green Party [far-left, run by islamists] 13.4% / 6.4%
Social Democrats [center-left, primary voters boomers and immigrants] 15.0% / 12.0%
Left Party [far-left, ex-communist] 17.8% / 10.5%
Sweden Democrats [civic nationalists] 6.8% / 24.2%
Feminist Initiative 3.6% / 1.2%

The next financial crisis can’t come soon enough.


First: Elections are not secret in Sweden. Each party has own ballot-papers, so everybody can see which party paper you take. Manipulations are easily done.

Second: Swedish women don’t know what’s going on. They ignore all disadvantages for women in Islamic and African countries, e.g. circumcises, harems, less freedom or no fredom at all, girls are commodities. They vote for Marxistic parties which are supported by capitalistic Jews like George Soros, and which are encouraging racial and cultural foreigners and do not really punnish the foreign rapists.


Source of the pic? (link)


Its enough to stage a violent revolution which they need at this point. Its the only way.


Are we sure the 1.2% of men voting for the Feminists aren’t women identifying as men?


Exactly why women & non-Whites should not be given a vote or a voice.


Also has some analysis on why young women vote the way they do.


Changing genders is not very easy in Sweden and requires gender reassignment surgery. However, whether they should, I am not qualified to say.


Did the Nordic Resistance Movement win any elections?