Now That the Boomers are Done Selling-Out America, They've Gone Back to Smoking Weed Er'ryday


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Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2018

"Hey, you'll have earned to right to smoke weed after you work in a stable, well-paid union job for 40 years, kids. Btw I only have a high-school degree lol." t. boomers.

The Baby Boomer generation spent their youth "rebelling" against their parents by doing drugs, having "free love" and embracing every subversive Jewish ideology out there.

Then, they entered the labor market and got great-paying, stable jobs, and they voted en-masse for socialist programs and low taxes, ensuring future generations would be doomed to pay back massive debts while they enjoyed the comforts of free everything. All with promises of a cozy pension for their retirement, of course.

Now, these people are retiring early and going back to their old past time: getting high and enjoying the easy life. They can comfortably numb themselves to ignore the ravaged wasteland of a country America has become as a result of their choices and lifestyles.


Members of the generation that came of age in the era of marijuana are reaching for weed in their golden years.

A study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence this month suggests that increasing numbers of middle aged and older adults are using marijuana — and using it a lot.

"Kids these days are so weak. I have no problem with drugs, unlike my good-for-nothing son who's high on opioids all the time."

The analysis comes from data gathered in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2015 and 2016. About 9 percent of U.S. adults between ages 50 and 64 used marijuana in the the previous year, according to survey results. About 3 percent of people over 65 used the drug in that time period.

This appears to be up from years past. In 2013, the same survey reported that 7 percent of middle-aged Americans used marijuana in the previous year, and only 1.4 percent of people over 65.

Dr. Benjamin Han, an assistant professor of internal medicine at New York University School of Medicine and lead author of the study, says he was surprised to learn that many of the older Americans turning to marijuana are new converts to its use. About 45 percent of those over 65 who use the drug said they got started after the age of 21.

And boomers who use marijuana also seem to be using it more often. Study authors found that 5.7 percent of middle-aged respondents said they’d tried it in the past month.

"All these politicians I've voted for have done such a terrible job. Smoking weed is the only way to cope. Maybe Hillary can turn this around in 2020."

As laws surrounding marijuana use become more permissive in many states nationwide, more Americans of all ages seem to be giving the drug a try — some for recreation, and others in hopes of easing medical ailments.

Almost one quarter of Americans over 65 in the 2016 survey who had used marijuana in the previous year said they gotten the go-ahead from their doctors.

After they’ve had their gigantic sex, drug and rock n’ roll party in the 60s and 70s, boomers proceeded to make everything illegal for their kids. Whores, drugs, booze, talking to girls, swearing at Mexicans - everything is either illegal or frowned upon.

The hippies fully embraced a kind of radical puritanism, in the form of feminism, evangelical Christianity and political correctness as soon as they sobered up in the 80’s. Fun was outlawed.

The same people who had orgies in their teens tried to prevent their kids playing Dungeons and fucking Dragons.

But now that these boomers are retiring, they lobby to have the laws and social norms changed again so they can enjoy smoking weed or whatever.

For medical purposes, of course.

Which means that only old people will be allowed to smoke it - boomers.

Look, I’m against taking weed. You should quit if you’re smoking it.

But the gall of these boomers is astounding.

Once the brown people are kicked out of America, anyone over 50 needs to have their right to vote revoked.


Most boomers aren’t human.


These old druggies ought to be executed, every last one of them. I know what I’d do if I caught a boomer smoking and I knew law enforcement wouldn’t catch me.


I lived with super boomer for over half a year. Obese, loved sportsball, heavy engine cars and trucks (but knew next to nothing about them), drinking every day even with gout (usually started around 6am), smoked weed every so often, pro-Trump but he wasn’t racist when he noticed blacks acting like niggers, loves wagon burner culture, used “trippy” and “far out” all the time, only read bios of boomer icons, only cared about how much money he saved when using food, used disgusting ZOG hygiene products, put hot food in plastic all the time and would occasionally talk smack to me which I had to let him know he didn’t scare me. He looked and talked like John Madden. Thank God I no longer live there.


The evangelicals were right about DnD though.


I’m more worried about White Americans of all ages who are still buffaloed by the kikes. The fucking boomers, before them the greatest generation…moving right up on through to today, too many people still mesmerized by the garbage spouted by the one-eyed jew in the living room. The boomers - well, some - lucked out financially by accident of birth, the kikes needing to build up America for awhile in order to get I$rahell built and their cells around the West fully funded.

With the info available today, anyone who swallows the crap the jews spoon out should be looked at as a retard or a traitor.


So I take it we are agreed the boomers must be exterminated. It is just a matter of economic necessity (in addition to being a desirable end in itself).


And the actual actor Roddy Piper died few years ago.




I think you can guess what kind of activities Boomers can perform to repay the debt they ran up - hard labor should do the trick - the exact opposite of hallucinogens: a cold dose of hard reality.

Night, all. :sparkling_heart:


The legend returns!


welcome back! hope you’ve been doing fine.




you got the order of operations wrong there fam


Had a boomer confrontation today. The sheer fucking arrogance and smugness of a slum lord. How dare i complain about an overpriced housing unit that’s falling apart


Yeah, well. Mmm, you talking to me? How were we supposed to be thinking about your future when we were young and stoned? sssss


Here is a recent article over at Takimag by Jim Goad, who is, with some nuance, pretty much /ourboomer/, complaning about the systemic boomer-hatred in the Alt-Right (btw, is “alt-right” still a word in current year ?).
I must say he kind of has a point (and, no, I am no boomer meself) :


I´ll recycle a previous comment to:

I thought the DS was pro sharia (but I guess noticing the contradiction between being pro-sharia and rooting for “Whores, drugs, booze, talking to girls” would require more intelligence… or honesty).

Curious what the DS will next be rooting for… rock ‘n’ roll? Jazz? Smoking? I mean… what has not been forbidden so far by the “rightist” puritans?


Weed should be legal like booze. Some people like coke, some people like Pepsi