Changes due to Tor


Topics can’t be seen unless you’re logged in.

Do not login by any proxy that ends in .link – the proxy operator will get your password. The site you are visiting must end in .onion – not in .link, .to, or any other domain.

The BBS’s Tor address is bbs.dstormer6em3i4km.onion

Its surface web address is

If you have logged into the site via a proxy, get Tor Browser on Desktop, Orbot+Orfox on Android, and Onion Browser on iPhone to access the site properly, and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY

Email works again, you can reset your password now if you have forgotten it. The emails are going to spam and there is nothing I can do about that. Deal with it.

If you’re using Tor, yes. Things are a little slower than you’re used to. Tor is slower than the normal Internet. However, you are much more protected in terms of identity with it, as there are six encrypted secret hops on the Tor network before you hit this server. It has more protection for you. Yes, things are bad (blame the Jews for banning Stormer from the normieweb), but there is some good with the bad.

If you live in the UK you should only use Tor, as they’ve made even viewing “hate” propaganda a crime there.

Otherwise, read the FAQ.