Business opportunity for our Goys


I started a new business that I believe can be very lucrative for us. As this is a public board I can’t say exactly what it is lest we bring heat down on the company. Would any of you know how to get in touch with Jayoh over at TDS or if anyone here handles vetting people?


Are you in the Mid-Atlantic region or anywhere else in the North-East?


I have another thread that is behind the log in with the words “out there” added to the end of this title. Get at me in there.


Jayoh is on fb…Just look up Jayoh De La Rey and message him.


As if I have a faceberg, lol. I may need to set one up again, got rid of it even before I was J-woke.
I’ll see how the PP vetting goes and go from there. Thanks though! There’s plenty of time for this opportunity, no rush, I don’t want to step on my dick out of the gate with this.




I’m pretty good with online forensics


Nothing to do with that, but stay in touch, almost any one can do this. I’m still waiting to be vetted, you should get vetted as well if not already.
You can stay in touch via