Alt-Lite Skanks Scream SHUT IT DOWN as Coal Burning Thot Lauren Southern Patrolled


Sheesh who cares. Who hasn’t banged a gook here.



I like these introspective articles + weev always has insightful things to say, I rate 1488/1488




Tara McCarthy isn’t even white. She is white/poo-in-the-loo/jew. Quite a combo.


Not even white and a dumb thot. Quite the combo I say.


Nothing makes me happier than seeing these shekel grubbing whores being collectively e-slapped by the righteous Alt-Right masses.


Tbh I don’t even know what tits look like smdh


Lol yeah, incitful (correct spelling inciteful). If only they could be insightful.


Fuck my English, the worst part is I made a grammar thread which makes it even worse, I blame the fact it’s early


It was actually my intention to criticise weev’s article rather than your English.


If AltLite sexbot chica style race traitors are given a pass, we’re never going to escape Feminism. I don’t always agree with @weev, I agree with him here.

If we don’t start holding our women to higher standards than: “But, the nigger was a Christian”, then we’re doomed


Would you define race traitor as anyone who’d engaged in sexual activity with a non White?


Any woman? Yes.

Men, meh - you guys sleep around, what can I say? That I want to be like a man?

No, I don’t.


This seems arbitrary and counter productive.


I thought everybody just knew see was a coon lover…This is crazy what sort of man listens to what some young whore has to say.This birch is zipping all over the world parting on these losers dime.Take all the money and energy and find a ugly women that will make a good wife…pussy is pussy and little tarts ain’t special.What special is finding a real women




Well, if you view the sexual behavior of women as only arbitrary, then you are a worse problem than any woman, you’re a feminist male – men like you are killing our women by aiding and abetting and keeping them Thots.

I don’t always agree with weev as I’ve stated, but Jeez come on – he’s right here. Women have always - or were always - the holders and arbiters of moral sexual behavior until feminism came along.

We don’t need White Sharia to get back to that point. We just need our men to stop promoting feminism, marrying feminists and for God’s sake refuse to impregnate them, they raise their sons to be feminists – USE A CONDOM when bedding one of them!


the most disturbing part for me is the white knighting. thots will be thots. kevin mcdonald ought to know better excellent research on the jq but may not have equally researched the cancer of feminism - and it seems Kevin Macdonald is also kind of in a contradiction as he often tweets the need for whites to have kids. maybe he thinks that if we quit e-slapping them they will come to more conferences and then hook up with WN dudes and then jetison their feminism…


No, there are vastly different biological circumstances betwixt men and women. It is entirely good for men to go into foreign populations, conquer, and rape the women. This lead to blonde haired blue eyed Alawi populations, for example, which by far better represent white European interests in the Middle East than Sunni terrorists. There’s nothing that wrong with men fucking gooks as long as they don’t marry them. In my opinion hapa bastard children are fine, as long as a white guy is the father and it happens outside of white European countries, and the white man comes home after to become a faithful member of a white community.